Jam Clothing Lay-bys

That dress looks amazing on you! Those kids tees are perfect for your grandchildren, but "Houston, we have a problem", you don't have the full amount needed right now.

Don't despair, you can get everything you need on lay-bye! Oh wow, nice celebratory dance moves you have there.

How is this possible, you ask? It's as easy as pie. Mmmm pie!!

  1. Find something fabulous in our store
  2. Speak to a staff member about purchasing it on lay-by
  3. Hand over a small deposit and let us capture your details
  4. Say goodbye (temporarily) to the new love of your wardrobe's life
  5. Pay monthly instalments until you owe us zip, zilch, nada, nothing
  6. Take your lovely new item home and cherish it forever

Terms and conditions apply

Famous for Less

JAM Clothing offers the latest range of kids clothing and fashion brands from all over the world, at prices that you'll love.

Why shop at expensive retailers when you can get the same clothing at JAM for less?

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