Pump Card Terms & Conditions

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  1. The JAM Loyalty Programme (“the loyalty programme”) is owned, operated and promoted by MD Trading (Proprietary) Limited t/a JAM Clothing. The loyalty programme JAM Pump Card (“the JAM Pump Card”) is issued by and remains property of JAM, which reserves the right to issue, decline and withdraw the JAM Pump card at any time.

  2. The loyalty programme and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of JAM, which has the right, without limitation, unilaterally change, limit, modify, or cancel the Loyalty Programme Rules or any of them at any time and JAM may, without limitation, change participating stores, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining, or forfeiting points or rewards, or rules governing the use of rewards or benefits. JAM may without limitation and unilaterally terminate the loyalty programme at any time upon reasonable notice provided that no alteration, amendment, or termination of the loyalty programme will affect any rewards that have been issued at the time.

  3. Participation in the loyalty programme is subject to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures (“Loyalty Programme Rules”) that JAM may, in its discretion, apply and /or amend from time to time. The latest version of the JAM Loyalty Programme Rules published on the JAM website (www.jamclothing.co.za) will be deemed to the applicable version of the Loyalty Programme Rules. Should a person not agree to be bound by the Loyalty Programme Rules, that person may not participate in the loyalty programme. Existing JAM Pump Card members who do not agree to be bound by the Loyalty Programme Rules, including any amendment thereof, must notify JAM in writing to this effect, whereupon such members participation in the loyalty programme will automatically terminate.

  4. The accumulation of points and the issuing and use of rewards is subject to the Loyalty Programme Rules. Each JAM Pump Card member is responsible for familiarising him/herself with the JAM Pump Card terms and conditions and Loyalty Programme Rules, as amended from time in order to understand his or her rights and responsibilities in the loyalty programme .

  5. To earn points for a transaction (“Rewards”), the Members JAM Pump card must be presented at the checkout, failing which the transaction cannot be recorded and no points will be earned. The rules and regulations governing the manner in which points may be earned and rewards issued are available online at www.jamclothing.co.za and are subject to JAM’s right to amend the rules and regulations from time to time.

  6. The JAM Pump Card is not transferable and rewards accrue to the named JAM Pump Card member only.

  7. There will be no rewards if a loyalty card is used as a tender.

  8. Based on the reward rules per product item; the total rewards value for the entire purchase will be calculated and allocated to the loyalty members account. The rewards will be available after 24 hours.

  9. A minimum purchase value of R150.00 applies. Transactions below R150.00 will not attract points or rewards. Earn ratio is 2% of every transaction amount of R150.00 or more.

  10. Rewards cards will not be activated if registration has not taken place and points may not be allocated @ JAM’s discretion.

  11. The maximum reward is R150 on a single transaction.

  12. Rewards must accumulate to R25 before becoming available to use as tender.

  13. Refunds are processed as Negative Rewards.

  14. Lost or stolen cards may be blocked at a store and is the responsibility of the Pump Card holder.

  15. The fee for a replacement card is R25.

  16. The onus shall be on the JAM Pump Card member to advise JAM of any change of details and JAM shall have no obligation to follow up with the pump card member in this regard.

  17. Rewards are valid for 365 (three hundred and sixty-five) calendar days from the date of issue reflected thereon (“Validity Period”) and can be used at any time during the validity Period.

  18. Points accumulated during any year will be carried through and available for three years from date of awarding of points. After three years points earned but not yet redeemed will be expired.

  19. Any PUMP card which has not been transacted with for a period of 18 months will be temporarily suspended and can be immediately reactivated upon request in the store at which the card was issued. Any accumulated points will be reinstated.

  20. Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash or used to purchase JAM gift vouchers/cards and no change will be given in the event that an aggregate transaction value less of the reward tendered. Points cannot be earned on purchases of JAM gift vouchers/cards.

  21. In the case of fraud or abuse involving the loyalty programme, including conduct involving the accumulation of points redemption of Rewards, or any other aspect of the loyalty Programme, JAM has the right to take appropriate administrative and/ or civil or and/ or criminal action against the JAM Pump Card member concerned, and all points accrued and unredeemed Rewards issued through the loyalty Programme may be forfeited and the JAM Pump Card revoked in JAM’s discretion.

  22. In order to keep JAM Pump Card members information regarding their points and rewards and to make Loyalty Programme benefits available to JAM Pump Card members, it is important that JAM (a)process JAM Pump Card member information on a central computer database ; (b) share JAM Pump Card member information within JAM and (c)send JAM Pump card members certain Loyalty Programme information which may include printed or email marketing materials from JAM which will inform JAM Pump Card members of special offers and products that may be of interest to JAM Pump Card members; and marketing materials from third parties which have a strategic marketing relationship with the loyalty programme. The information which a JAM Pump card member provides to JAM when applying for a JAM Pump Card is processed in JAM’s computer systems both at the store where this information has been submitted and in the JAM’s central database by applying to become a JAM Pump Card member, or in the case of existing members, by continuing his/her membership of the loyalty programme , each JAM Pump card member consents to (a)his/her information (name, identity number, contact details, shopping behaviour at JAM) being processed by JAM both locally and centrally within the JAM database; (b)his/her information being shared within JAM group of companies, which are located within South Africa; and (c)receiving information of the nature described above. Each JAM Pump Card member has the right , in accordance with the relevant legislation ,to (a) obtain access to his/her personal information being held by JAM; and (b)request the correction of his/her personal information being held by JAM.

  23. Any JAM Pump card member may opt-out of communications from third parties and from JAM should he/she so elect and notify in writing.

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