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Today is international “No Socks Day” and what better way to celebrate than setting your feet free? We’ve got a scrumptious scrub that will make your feet feel fantastic – made using ingredients found in any kitchen, to boot! 

The 16th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, over the past two weekends and has now come to a close. At JAM, we’ve made sure that you’re up to date with the daring duds displayed by the models and moguls in attendance.

Most of our stores will be open on GOOD FRIDAY except for the below listed stores. Don't be sad, we'll be JAMming as normal for the rest of the long weekend.

Yes, we know it’s much easier to stay indoors while sipping a cup of hot chocolate than to go do a workout, but with the approaching winter season, there’s no excuse to let your fitness suffer.

The 87th Academy Awards may have come and gone, but the explosion of fashion that occurred means that the rush of fashion commentary has only just begun. We decided to join the action and share what we believe to be the good, the bad, and the JAMming!

There's no need to feel glum. Whether Eskom is playing ball or not, JAM has a plan to keep you in the fashions you love so much. Pop into one of these JAM stores anytime cos we've got the power.

Whether your clothes are folded in a simple set of drawers, or hanging in a walk-in closet, there are certain ESSENTIALS that every girl needs. No matter your shape, size or age, here are 10 pieces of clothing that absolutely have to be there.

What a man, you got a 'yes'. By this time you have already made a good first impression on your date, but that doesn't mean the lovely lady has stopped checking you out. 

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your little one dressed up in a cute outfit for the day. Whether she’s going over to play at a friend’s house or watching a movie with dad, we think My Little Pony is sure to add some Sparkle to her Summer - as well as yours!

Whether you’re as slim as a runway model, or you have curves that can rival Beyoncé, we’ve decided to give you some tips on how to dress for your body type and have everyone saying “JAMit you look good today!”

Whether your little one is feeling excited or anxious for school, a Ben 10 outfit is a JAMming choice to make him feel like a Hero on his first day.
The Ben 10 backpack will also be a winner among his friends and get him ready for the year ahead!

Gifts are unwrapped and Christmas trees are down, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. We don't want you worrying about your little princess, and that is why we have the perfect gear to make her school days fun and exciting. She'll be begging for school to start with our range of Hello Kitty backpacks and more. Don't forget to protect her little nose and cheeks from the summer sun with a Hello Kitty peak cap.