10 Trends For Him

10 Trends For Him

10 Trends For Him

Are you a trendsetter or do you prefer to wear something that's fashionably acceptable?

Whatever rocks your socks, we think these top 10 stylish trends are on the rise and are popular clothing items.

1. Black Shoes
Most popular item among men is the black shoe. They match most suits and can be added to spruce up a casual look. Don't forget the black shoe polish for a smart finish.

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2. A Belt
Unless you're into the whole badass kind of look, a belt is always good to have in your wardrobe. It's a fashion fundamental to match the belt to your shoes. A good belt will most likely last you a lifetime.

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3. A Suit
Every man has at least one suit. First choice should be grey but navy is a good second. Gray works for the office, interviews or any last minute formal occasion. Two or three button, single breasted suits look good on most body types. Make sure it fits comfortably.

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4. A Jacket
Jackets are a must-have for all the trend-setters out there. It can be used for work, hanging out at a bar or a formal get together. It's perfect for cooler months and can fit under a coat in winter. Navy blue works well with anything, including jeans, a polo or a formal button down.

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5. The White Oxford Shirt
You can never go wrong with a white oxford shirt, it matches well with anything and can look both smart-casual or formal.

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6. Sunglasses
Have you ever met someone who doesn't own a pair of sunnies? Every man owns at least two pairs - a classic, quality pair for every day use that can be worn with anything and a cheap, disposable pair which won't cause too much upset if lost, or in most cases, sat on!

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7. Khaki’s/Chinos
This is becoming a favoured item of clothing. They are especially popular in summer, for work or play. Khakis are more casual, while chinos are usually a lighter colour with a straight through fit. If they're long, roll them up for a dope look.

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8. A Watch
A watch has the final say. It's the ultimate finish to any outfit. Metal and leather straps are best, but choose whatever feels comfortable.

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9. Dark Denim Jeans
A well liked item amongst celebrities is the straight-cut, dark denim jeans. They'll keep you looking stylish throughout the years. Dress them up with a sports coat or wear them with a polo or your favourite graphic tee.

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10. Polo Shirt
For that in-between look, not too formal or casual then a polo shirt is the way to go. It's pretty much a combination of the two styles, and perfect for casual events that require an extra dose of style.

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